M.T. Rajah

General Manager

Kellys Express always puts the client first. Commitment to Service has been our goal ever since we started. We always go that extra mile to make sure your moving and forwarding needs are fulfilled.

Kellys Express is Indonesia's leading Moving and Mobility provider, based in Jakarta. We have moved client's property to every part of the globe and our reputation and Commitment to Service is first class. If you are a large organisation, an expat relocating or moving locally in the region, we can help you. We think outside the box!

Kellys Express's culture is having the ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements.  Since the company was formed in 2007 till now, we have always put the client first and our commitment to service has always been our number one goal. We are striving now after years of hard work and as a small family based company, we always aim for that personal touch with our clients. This makes us the leading relocation company in all of Indonesia. 

We have affiliations with reputable associations all over the world such as IAM (International Association of Movers), PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association), Euromovers, IMC (International Mobility Convention). With hundreds of locations and thousands of members worldwide, we have built a global network of carefully hand selected partners who are ready to work together seamlessly to move clients anywhere in the world.  Kellys Express has also built an international reputation by providing a dependable, reliable and a trustworthy transportation services. Based on feedback from many customers, we have become a valuable company that provides the most competitive rates than compared to any other International Mover and Relocation Company