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First Visit

This is normally followed by a telephone call to confirm the arranged date and time for survey. We always schedule a time that is convenient for you. This visit will make you familiar with the surveyor and their view on the relocation process.

Second Visit

This visit is normally not warranted, but if required it can be arranged to reasses the volume or to answer any other questions. These surveys are free of charge with no obligations at all.

Quotation Submission

Once the visits are completed, we use the information given with the local costs and international costs. We will present to you our complete door-to-door quotations for you to consider. We will also include in the package our insurance quote, should you require transit coverage.

Packing Date

After receiving the completed acceptance form provided with the quotation, our CSO will be in contact with you throughout the whole move process. They will arrange for the packing date and delivery of any packing material should you wish to pack some goods by yourself. On the day of the packing, you will be introduced to the team leader who will then be in charge of the packing.

Documentation, charges, and invoices

If you are leaving Indonesia, the CSO will advise you of all the required documents for exporting your household goods. All related charges for the door-to-door relocation will be charged as per quotations. Should there be any additional charges, the relevant party will be notified.


The CSO will be available to you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have at any time.

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We give you complete control of your shipment.

Our team discussed every single detail to make sure Kellys Express is the most versatile and flexible movers for your moving needs.

Attention to detail

You will be able to discuss the method of packing, transit time, insurance policy and other crucial matters.

We listen to your needs

You can discuss all your requirements, expectations and any concerns you have.