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Global Mobility Service

Service Overview

At Kellys Express, we will provide a full range of global relocation solutions which will take you from A to B with absolutely no stress whatsoever. Each program will be customized to your own personal needs and goals

Visa & Immigration

Indonesia Work Permit Document

Show MoreComplete assistance in processing Indonesia work permit documents, as standard services covering the process from obtaining the Foreign Worker Usage Plan (RPTKA) for the local company, up to the Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit (Pemberian Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing – IMTA) and Electronic Limited Stay Permit (Izin Tinggal Terbatas Elektronik – ITAS-E) for the expatriate. Kellys Express can provide additional services including permits for the spouse and dependents up to the cancellation of Work Permit/Stay Permit (Exit Permit Only – EPO).

Meet & Greet

Friendly personal assistant

Show More Our Meet & Greet Arrival Service provides with a local personal assistant to guarantee a stress-free airport arrival. Friendly personal assistant will assist every step, meeting at the Arrivals Gate, or the earliest possible location, to whisk through immigration and customs. Where available, you’ll be treated to Priority Lanes to avoid queues and will be escorted safely through the airport. We can also arrange a porter service for your luggage and will then escort to the onward travel arrangements.

Temporary Accommodation

Schedule appointments and escort service

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Should need help in selecting temporary accommodation, Kelly Express can arrange for viewing of the options that are within the budget. They will undertake to find temporary premises if needed. Once the selection of the property is made, Kelly Express will help with the documentation/ lease that is necessary.

Home Search

Find the right home

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Our Aim is to find the right home at a suitable budget which should be the key to a happy and productive relocation. After a detailed analysis of your requirements, we will select suitable properties for viewing and help navigate the local leasing procedures. Kellys Express will assist with lease negotiation, lease signing, and inventory check in recharged at cost and setting up Utilities, e.g. Water, Gas, Electricity and Local Tax.

Similarly at the time of departure, the experience staffs from Kellys Express will ensure swift cancellation all utilities, taxes, and other commitments related to the occupancy of the premises.

School Search

Appointment, pick up and escort to the schools

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Depending on the requirement, Kellys Express has access to all international schools in the capital cities, and will be able to arrange, interview and visits, before a decision is taken by the new arrivals.

Based on the location of the schools that the family would like to visit, 3 or 4 schools can be viewed in one day. Kellys Express will make the appointments with the administration staff of each international school that is requested. We would then pick up the family at the hotel and escort to the schools as well as accompany during the school tours to share insight and information to help the parents with the selection of school for the children. Kelly Express does not help with registering the child however is often involved in facilitation communication between the schools and the parents.


Introduction based on the interest and needs

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An arrival a new country, by a couple or a family, absolutely entails orientation in the new country of arrival. This service is provided with ease and comfort.

Household Goods

Moved client’s property/personal belongings

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Kellys Express is an International Movers and Forwarders which is also the leading Moving and Forwarding Company, based in Jakarta – Indonesia. We have moved client’s property/personal belongings to every part of the world and our reputation and commitment to service is first class.

Settling In

Open a bank account, special interest groups, special request, etc

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This service is normally offered after the move into the permanent house or have been in Jakarta for a number of weeks. This service includes but is not limited to helping open a bank account, introducing client to special interest groups that wanted to join, briefing on how to deal with household staff, helping to make a driver’s license or introducing to leasing or purchasing a car. Normally this service is more specific than an orientation and fills specific requests that the client has identified.

Language Training

Provides language training program

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With the recent direction by the Indonesian Government, ability to speak Indonesian language could be part of the requirement for living in Indonesia. Adding to the consideration, providing the necessary language training as part of an international relocation support will substantially help your relocating employee to communicate and integrate effectively in their new location. Kellys Express provides language training programmes which are based on a professional assessment of the individual’s intercultural and language training needs.


Security Deposit Recovery, Sale and Disposal of Unwanted Items, etc

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When the relocation assignment has been completed, we can assist this important stage and ensure that all elements of the process are followed through to completion. We provide assistance in Deregistration with local authorities, Lease Cancellation, Security Deposit Recovery, Utility Service Cancellation and Disconnection, Sale and Disposal of Unwanted Items, Handyman Services, Home Cleaning, Moving Services and Temporary Housing.

In short, Kellys Express treats every new arrival and family into Indonesia to ensure they take back happy memorable time during their stay in Indonesia. They will be proud to share their experience to their friends in their home country.